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We may be practicing social distance, but that doesn’t mean keeping a distance from patient financing solutions. ClearBalance offers your patients peace of mind knowing they can afford the care they need. Please browse our services and results for other health systems. Don’t forget to check out where we think patient pay is headed in the future.

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The real-world statics of the ClearBalance® ROI Value Model™ underwent and passed the HFMA Peer Review process, receiving close scrutinization from a panel of CFOs and financial analysts who deemed that the model provides valid and meaningful operational and financial performance metrics. Use our calculator to learn your potential increase in patient pay reimbursement.

Future of Patient Pay

Patient Pay 20252020 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, but how far have we come, really? As an industry, healthcare has experienced rapid change during the past few years with heavyweight retailers moving all of us toward a better healthcare consumer experience. Read on for more details.

Patient Pay 2025: Helping People When It Matters Most

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